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An Aestiva Array security threat has been discovered that affects Array versions 4.69 and below. To fix this vulnerability, download PATCH11042014002, install, and run. Or upgrade to 4.70 or above. Follow the instructions provided. This security threat is high. Aestiva does not recommend running Aestiva Array 4.69 or below without this patch.

- Aestiva Security Team
  (Posted Nov 6 2014. Last Update Nov 24, 2014.)

Need a multi-user database application? Code it with HTML/OS. The language is so easy you'll be screaming "done" in no time. Get started today.

The Cloud Has Arrived.
Accounts priced at $149/month and up. Trials are 99 cents for the first 30 days. Includes Array Professional. Select from below.
For Server Administrators.
Download the free Aestiva Array engine today. Installs on Windows, Linux, and MacOS X web servers. Runs on Virtual servers too.
Click For Free Download
and Install Instructions

New developments...
Aestiva releases this week a brand new technology known as "Vtags". The tags give you a super-fast way to build relational database reports.

New Multi-File Upload Example...
The latest version of Array supports the multi-file uploads supported by the latest browsers. Here is an example..

Free engines to get you cooking.
Develop multi-user apps and dish them out to your users with Aestiva Array. It's free. Windows, Linux, and Mac servers supported. Click For Free Download and Install Instructions

Free books to get you rocking and rolling.
Learn how to build 100% browser-native database driven applications. The free PDF book, Advanced Web Software Made Easy, will have you creating apps that read, write, and search databases -- in a few hours.

Built-in programming reference.
The file editor built into Aestiva Array includes a complete programming reference -- so you're always a few keystrokes away from function definitions.

This and That...
  • The new "Vtags" - They give you super-fast relational database reporting...
  • For Non-programmers Only - Even non-programmers can learn HTML/OS...
  • A Functional Database in Four Tags - Few languages can do this...
  • Building Commercial Products - Building, selling, and managing commercial apps...
  • Background Scheduling - You have the ability to schedule...
  • The Buzz About Bundle Bee - It comes standard with Aestiva Array...
  • The Web Way - The Web Way and other Daoist thoughts...

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